Getting a second medical opinion is usually a good idea when the patient has to go through a complicated, expensive, or threatening procedure as suggested by the first opinion. Other than that, a second opinion is important to avoid problems, including misdiagnosis. It is also important that when you go through your procedure that you’re sure that it’s the right thing to do.

With the rise of medical tourism, getting medical services abroad (including just getting a second medical opinion) is now possible. For a second medical opinion, getting advice from people abroad can be done through a new industry called telehealth.

Telehealth is the use of communications technology to be able to communicate with health and medical experts on the other side of the world. This is usually done by a video conference and clear voice conversations with the experts.

How does it work?
The good medical tourism companies should have case managers that will review your request and diagnosis. A specialist should be determined afterwards. Only experts should be given the authority to diagnose your case. Assessments should include medical evaluation and recommendation. Sometimes, helpful experts provide readings or further sources of information regarding your case.

The great thing about getting a second medical opinion through telehealth telemedicine is that you don’t really have to leave the comforts of your home. Plus, you get world-class services abroad without really going abroad, and for a cheaper cost.

Medical tourism companies
Our advice is to find a medical tourism company that provides medical services such as second medical opinions via telehealth, that way if ever needed, they can provide you with the necessary information that you need to complete diagnosis and procedure. For example, if the second opinion does match the first opinion and you find that there are services abroad that can do the procedure at a cheaper price, then the company should provide details on traveling, lodging, transferring medical records etc…. Other than this, make sure that the company where you will get your second opinion is accredited and is connected only to hospitals that are accredited.

Getting a Second Medical Opinion Via Telehealth Telemedicine