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sms for marketo

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Have you ever considered list building? You know owning the contact information of your customers or prospective customers. There are more ways to spend your marketing money today than there are stars in the heavens… Well almost. One thing is for sure you cannot afford every advertising opportunity that comes along! However, you can create your own advertising platform by list building.

Why list build? Ever heard of a company called Facebook, Inc.? They have done list building in an amazing way. As of January 2011 they have 600 million users. In 2009, they generated 700 million dollar in revenue. How? Can you say two simple words… List building.

The way they built their 600 million users was ingenious. They simply made it easy for their users to ask their friends to join them on Facebook by building an application that allowed users to upload their contact database via their mail service. It was and is too simple. All comes back to KISS… Keep It Simple Stupid. You should make it easy for your base to join your list. This is the key to great list building. The easier it is for your customer or prospect to get added to your list the bigger the win for you!

Good News! A relative new method is now available to small and medium businesses and it is something you should look into, for sure. Why? It makes growing a list way easy and most of the time worthwhile for a customer or prospect to subscribe. It’s real easy, as easy as texting a friend a message. So, you may or may not have heard of it by now, but strap on your seat-belts, because if you really get your head wrapped around this technology it will change your business forever! It’s called mobile text marketing.

Here are the facts; 86 percent of all Americans have a mobile phone! 85 percent of those mobile phone users have their phone with-in three feet of them at all times. When a text message is sent 97 percent are opened and of those opened 86 percent are opened within the first hour! This makes this advertising medium strong, but its real strength is in how easy it makes it to subscribe to your list. Here’s how it works, your prospective subscribers simply text a ‘Keyword’ to a five or six digit subscription number.

For many business owners what makes text marketing so advantageous is the speed of which it works along with the fact it has an unbelievable open rate! Of course, the ease of opting in is the big bonus! There truly is no other medium like SMS for marketing. Traditional marketing methods such as television advertisements, radio advertisements and advertisements are easy to ignore. This is not so with text marketing, because cell phone users are extremely attached to their phones!

Another big opportunity in text marketing is the advertising methods and options available. As a business owner you can use text marketing to deliver a text coupon. You could elect to send a sales event announcement or other news worthy item. Texting management platforms have voting and survey abilities. The opportunities to connect to your clients and prospects are infinite! All you need to get started is a good texting platform where you can claim your keyword and you subscriber text in number and along with a good database management system!

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